Chromates Removal Using Hydrotalcite-Like Compounds of Mg/Al = 2 And 7: Effect of Textural, Thermal and Structural Properties


Hydrotalcite-like compounds (HLC’s) are a type of ionic lamellar solids with divalent and trivalent metal cations, and exchangeable inorganic and organic anions in the interlamellar space. Interest in HLC arises from the wide applications, where thermal, structural and textural properties and as well as sorption capacity are the properties interested in. HLC are used to removal dangerous metallic anionic, such as Chromium (VI). In this study, Mg/Al - HLC’s were synthesized by sol-gel method. Effect of Mg/Al was probed to show the effect on their structure, morphology, physical properties and sorption capacity. The materials were characterized by X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, textural analysis and thermal analysis. Sorption profiles were investigated using batch method at initial concentration different to was determinate model and kinetic sorption capacity such as maximum removal capacity to equilibrium. Was find values of 428 and 127 mg chromates/g HLC’s to Mg/Al = 2 and 7 respectively, equivalent to 125 and 57 mg of chromium /g HLC’s in la little time of one minute.

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Ramos, E., Gutiérrez, N.L., Contreras, C.A. et al. Chromates Removal Using Hydrotalcite-Like Compounds of Mg/Al = 2 And 7: Effect of Textural, Thermal and Structural Properties. MRS Online Proceedings Library 1275, 368 (2010).

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  • absorption
  • ion-exchange material
  • porosity
  • sol-gel
  • texture
  • waste management