Thermoelectric Properties of SiO2/SiO2+Ag Nanolayered Multilayer Films Effected by MeV Si Ions


We have prepared 100 periodic nano-layers of SiO2/AgSiO2 with Au layer deposited on both sides as metal contacts. The deposited multi-layer films have a periodic structure consisting of alternating layers where each layer is 3.3 nm thick. The purpose of this research is to tailor the figure of merit of the thermoelectric materials generated from the nanolayers of nanocrystals of Ag with SiO2 as host and as buffer layer using a combination of co-deposition and MeV ions bombardment taking advantage of energy deposited in the MeV ion track to nucleate nanoclusters. The electrical and thermal properties of the nanolayered structures were studied before and after 5 MeV Si ions bombardment at various fluences to form nanocrystals. In addition to thermoelectric properties, some optical properties of the SiO2/SiO2+Ag multi-layer superlattice films have been studied.

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