Nanoscale Ruthenium Coatings of MEMS Switches Contacts


The paper reports the tests results of ruthenium contacts coatings of magnetically controlled MEMS switches. During the tests the contact resistance was measured and the lifetime of MEMS switches was evaluated. After testing the analysis of the form and contact surface structure using SEM-method was carried out. The experiment results showed that the application of ruthenium nanolayers as the contact coating at slight increase of the contact resistance improves the lifetime of MEMS switches considerably.

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    C. Coutier, L. Chiesi, A. Garnier, J.C. Fourrier, C. Lapière, M. Trouillon, B. Grappe, M. Vincent, A. Samperio, S. Borel, C. Dieppedale, E. Lorent and H. Sibuet, “A new magnetically actuated switch for precise position detection”, in Proceedings of the 15th International Conference Transducers 2009, Denver, June 21 - 25, 2009, pp. 861–864.

  2. 2.

    M. Vincent, L. Chiesi, J.C. Fourrier, A. Garnier, B. Grappe, C. Lapiere, C. Coutier, A. Samperio and S. Paineau, “Electrical contact reliability in magnetic MEMS-switch”, in Proceedings of the 54th IEEE Holm Conference, Orlando, October 27–29, 2008, pp. 145–150.

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