Improving Performance of Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells Using Tungsten Oxide as a Novel Buffer Layer between the SnO2/p-a-SiC Interface


A thermally evaporated p-type amorphous tungsten oxide (p-a-WO3) film was introduced as a novel buffer layer between SnO2 and p-type amorphous silicon carbide (p-a-SiC) of pin-type amorphous silicon (a-Si) based solar cells. By using this film, a-Si solar cells with a p-a-WO3 /p-a-SiC double p-layer structure were fabricated and the cell photovoltaic characteristics were investigated as a function of p-a-WO3 layer thickness. By inserting a 2 nm-thick p-a-WO3 layer between SnO2 and a 6 nm-thick p-a-SiC layer, the short circuit current density increased from 9.73 to 10.57 mA/cm2, and the conversion efficiency was enhanced from 5.17 % to 5.98 %.

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