Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Polyethylene-Portland Cement Composites


The effects of waste polyethylene aggregate as admixture agent in Portland cement at different addition polyethylene/cement ratios from 0.0156 to 0.3903 were investigated. The reinforced samples were prepared according the ASTM C 150 Standard (samples of 5 × 5 × 5 cm). The reinforcing fibers were milling at a size of 1/25 in diameter, form waste and used them to evaluate the effects in mechanical properties in cement-based composites. The evaluation of polyethylene as additive was based on results of density and compression tests. The 28-day compressive strength of cement reforced with plastic waste at a replacement polyethylene/cement ratio of 0.0468 was 23.5 MPa compared to the control concrete (7.5 MPa). The density of cement replaced with polyethylene varies from 2.114 (0% polyethylene) to 1.83 g/cm3 by the influence of polyethylene.

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