Compact and Efficient HFCVD for Electronic Grade Diamond and Related Materials


A compact and efficient hot filament chemical vapor deposition system has been designed for growing electronic-grade diamond and related materials. We report here the effect of substrate rotation on quality and uniformity of HFCVD diamond films on 2” wafers, using two to three filaments with power ranging from 500 to 600 Watt. Diamond films have been characterized using x-ray diffraction, Raman Spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy. Our results indicate that substrate rotation not only yields uniform films across the wafer, but crystallites grow larger than without sample rotation. Well-faceted microcrystals are observed for wafers rotated at 10 rpm. We also find that the Raman spectrum taken from various locations indicate no compositional variation in the diamond film and no significant Raman shift associated with intrinsic stresses. Results are discussed in the context of growth uniformity of diamond film to improve deposition efficiency for wafer-based electronic applications.

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