Facet-control in selective area growth (SAG) of a-plane GaN by MOVPE


Selective area growth (SAG) of a-plane GaN grown on r-plane sapphire with a stripe orientation along <1-100> was investigated. The key technology of facet-control is optimizing the growth temperature and the reactor pressure. Our experiments reveal that the growth temperature determined facet form: in samples grown at 1000 °C, the structure consists of {11-22}and (000-1); with increasing growth temperature to 1050 °C, the area of {11-22} facet gradually decreases, and two new planes, (0001) and {11-20} facets form; eventually, in samples grown at 1000 oC, the {11-22} facet completely disappears, (0001) and {11-20} facet continue to increase to form a rectangle cross-section. The reactor pressure determines the ratio of the lateral growth rate and the vertical growth rate: with reactor pressure decreasing from 500 torr to 100 torr, the rectangle structure gradually decreases the height and increases the width, and the volume nearly keeps constant.

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This work was partially supported by the Akasaki Research Center of Nagoya University, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (No. 21360007 and No. 21560014) and Scientific Research on Priority Areas (No. 18069006) of the MEXT, and A Research for Promoting Technological Seeds of JST.

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