Chemically and electrochemically deposited thin films of tin sulfide for photovoltaic structures


Thin films of tin sulfide (SnS) were deposited on TCO-coated glass substrates by pulse electrodeposition. Cyclic voltammetry showed that SnS deposition occurs in the -0.8 V to −1 V range. The films deposited using the potential pulses of -0.95V (Von) and +0.1V (Voff) are of orthorhombic crystal structure with lattice parameters and grain size similar to those of the thin films of orthorhombic structure obtained by chemical deposition. The optical band gap of the films was 1.3 eV. In CdS/SnS heterojunctions an open circuit voltage110 mV, short circuit current density 0.72 mA/cm2 and fill factor of 0.32 are reported here.

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