Preparation and Properties of CdTe Films on Mo/Glass Substrates


Short-bandgap group II-VI compound cadmium telluride is widely used for the infrared optics, radiation detectors, and solar cells where p-type CdTe is needed. p-type conductivity of CdTe is mainly caused by the chlorine-based A-centers, and in part, by the less stable copper-oxygen complexes. As a rule, CdTe films are recrystallized by the help of a cadmium chloride flux that saturates CdTe with chlorine. In chlorine-saturated CdTe A-centers are converted to isoelectronic complexes that cause resistivity increasement of CdTe up to 9 orders of magnitude. Excess copper and oxygen or group I elements as sodium also deteriorate the p-type conductivity of CdTe like excess chlorine. p-type conductivity of CdTe can be restored e.g. by the vacuum annealing which removes excess chlorine from the film. Unfortunately, treatment that betters p-type conductivity of the CdTe film degrades the junction of the superstrate configuration cells. In this work we investigate possibilities to prepare p-type CdTe films on the molybdenum coated glass substrates. Samples were prepared by the vacuum evaporation and dynamic recrystallization of 6N purity CdTe on the top of Mo-coated glass substrates. Then samples were recrystallized with cadmium chloride flux under tellurium vapour pressure. Results of the test studies on the structure and electronic parameters of samples are presented and discussed.

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