Ink-jet printed carbon-based micro-supercapacitor for mobile self-powered modules


Carbon-based micro-supercapacitors dedicated to energy storage in self-powered modules were fabricated with inkjet printing technology on silicon substrate. The ink containing activated carbon with particles size ranging from 1 µm to 10 µm, mixed with PTFE and glycol was stabilised with a surfactant, Triton X100. After functionalising the electrodes surroundings with octadecyltrichlorosilane (OTS), the ink was deposited by inkjet on the electrodes with the substrate heated at 140°C in order to assure a good homogeneity. The resulting structures have a resolution of 10 µm. Micro-supercapacitors with the carbon electrodes were tested in acetonitrile and Et4NBF4 dried salts: the capacitance density obtained was 50 µF. cm−2. The newly developed technology will allow the integration of the storage device as close as possible as the MEMS-based energy harvesting device, minimising power losses through connections.

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