Nanohole and Nanopillar Arrays on GaAs and GaSb Using Nanosphere Lithography and Bromine Ion Beam Assisted Etching


Nanosphere lithography (NSL) has been successfully used to nanopattern silicon and glass substrate surfaces using a spin process in conjunction with the chemical functionalized polystyrene nanospheres. Here, we report for the first time the formation of periodic arrays of nanohole and nanopillar on GaAs and GaSb substrates using a combination of NSL, electron beam (E-Beam) evaporation and Bromine Ion Beam Assisted Etching (Br-IBAE). When 250 nm diameter nanospheres were used as a template or mask, periodic arrays of approximate 55 nm hexagonal nanoholes and 39 nm hexagonal nanopillars were obtained from double-layer nanosphere templates, while arrays of approximate 65nm triangular nanohole and 53nm triangular nanopillar were obtained from single-layer nanosphere templates. The high uniformity of these nanohole and nanopillar arrays demonstrates the technique¡¦s potential for applications in the fabrication of novel high performance opto- and electronic devices in the important GaAs and GaSb III-V direct bandgap semiconductors.

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