Macroscopic 2D Design of Micro/Nano Grain Architectures by Laser Interference Metallurgy


Tailoring of micro/nano structures and surface functionalization are key goals in surface processing of materials. A new technology for a unique geometric precise 2D micro/nano design of grain architectures is presented. By means of super lateral grain growth crystalline lattice patterns such as line-, dot- and cross-like patterns were generated. The grain dimensions may be selected between a few nanometers and about 10 micrometers. The phase and grain formation was characterized by Electron Backscatter Diffraction with regard to orientation distribution and texture formation. Furthermore, dynamic aspects of this laser induced recrystallization process are studied, such as the heat transport in the films, comparing the vertical with the lateral solidification velocities by two-dimensional finite element method (FEM) simulations. Finally, the mechanical properties of the tailored thin films have been determined using nanoindentation experiments.

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