Material Characterisation of a Novel Permeation Barrier for Flexible Organic Displays


Encapsulation for flexible organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) is an area of active research. Multilayer barriers, with alternating organic and inorganic layers, currently offer the best resistance to oxygen and water ingression. However, the complexity of the multilayer structure makes the deposition costly and time-consuming. Here we report an effective single-compound barrier layer deposited by single-chamber plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PE-CVD) from hexamethyl disiloxane (HMDSO) and oxygen source gases. The barrier layer has displayed excellent permeation resistance, with coated OLED devices surviving over 1000 hours in accelerated shelf-life tests (65°C and 85% relative humidity) in near perfect condition. Material characterisation detailed in this paper indicates that the material is an inorganic-polymer hybrid, combining the permeation resistance of an oxide with the flexibility of a polymer. The surface characteristics, chemical composition and mechanical properties of the novel barrier material are investigated with variation in PE-CVD deposition conditions.

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