Sm-doped YBCO Coated Conductor on the IBAD MgO Template Fabricated by MOD Process


Metal organic deposition (MOD) is one of the attractive processes for coated conductor applications because it is a non-vacuum cost-effective process. Many research groups have successfully fabricated high-JC YBCO coated conductor on the RABiTS and IBAD-YSZ or GZO template with the MOD process. Reports on MOD-processed YBCO coated conductors prepared on the IBAD-MgO template, however, are hardly found. The precursor solution was coated on the CeO2 capped IBAD-MgO template using the slot-die coating method, calcined at a temperature of 550oC, and fired at high temperatures for 2 h 30 min in a reduced oxygen atmosphere. Optimal processing resulted in YBCO coated conductors exhibiting JC value of 0.75 MA/cm2 at 77 K in self-field. The JC values of YBCO coated conductors were found very sensitive to their microstructure, critical temperature, and in-plane texture.

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