Phase Selection in Undercooled Liquids of Pulsed-Laser Melted Alloys


The use of thermodynamic analysis of phase relationships to identify metastable conditions for generating undercooled liquids by pulsed laser melting, and to interpret the resulting microstructures is illustrated from studies of Mn, FeV and TiAl. Phases with simple, disordered structures are found to nucleate and grow within tens of nanoseconds in liquids undercooled by 50–100 K. An extended transformation depth is found in which the stable high-temperature a phase replaces the metastable a phase in FeV due to the heat release from the rapidly forming a phase. The formation of the disordered bcc structure and of a metallic glass in the melt of the ordered compound γ-TiAl indicate that regrowth of this phase is sufficiently slow to generate undercoolings of – 1000 K.

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