Time Resolved Reflectivity Measurements on Pulsed Laser Irradiated Silicon Immersed in Water


Time resolved reflectivity (TRR) measurements were carried out during pulsed laser irradiation of silicon immersed in water. It was found that the TRR in water was similar to that in air though the signal deteriorated after about 100 ns from the starting point of the laser for incident energy densities above 1.4 J/cm2 (unlike what is observed in air). The total melt duration in water was about 2.8 to 1.6 times less than that in air at the same absorbed energy density. It was estimated that 20 % of the absorbed energy was taken away by the water layer. For the same energy coupled into the solid the melt-in/regrowth kinetics was speeded up by the presence of the water layer at the surface by about a factor 2 consistant with the results of Polman et. a15.

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