The Effects of Doping and Temperature on the Fermi Level and its Relationship to the Recrystallization Growth Velocity in Ion-Implanted Silicon


It has been observed that doping produces an enhancement in the recrystallization growth rate of silicon made amorphous by ionimplantation. This enhancement has been attributed to a shift of the Fermi level with doping. Evidence supporting this is based on the compensating effect of implantation of n- and p-type dopants together. We have previously proposed a model of the recrystallization growth process based on the diffusion of dangling bonds. We suggested that the rate enhancement is due to band bending at the amorphous-crystalline interface produced by doping. We have calculated the change in activation energy for the recrystallization growth velocity for a number of doping concentrations as a function of temperature. The major contribution to the apparent lowering of the activation energy with doping in an Arrhenius plot of the growth velocity versus I/kT is due to the temperature dependence of the Fermi level. Experimental data are compared with the calculated results. In addition differences in the measured growth rates in thermal and laser annealed samples are discussed, with primary emphasis on the lack of a change in the activation energy with doping in the laser annealed case.

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