Temperature Dependence of Ion Assisted Epitaxial Growth of Chemical Vapor Deposited Si Layers


Thin layers of Si were chemical vapor deposited onto as - received p-type <100> Si wafers and implanted with 80 KeV of As or Ge to a fluence of 1 × 1015 /cm2. Irradiation at 450°C with 600 KeV Kr++ ions causes the epitaxial growth of the entire deposited and amorphized Si layer. At lower irradiation temperatures the regrowth rate of the deposited layers is substantially reduced with respect that of the implanted amorphous layers. The presence of As enhances the regrowth rate of a factor 2.5. The results are explained qualitatively in terms of a dynamical bond breaking of SiO2, and of a dopant influence on the migration energy of the defects responsible for the growth.

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