Carbon and Oxygen Incorporations into Surface Layers During Titanium Implantation


A study has been made of incorporations of carbon and oxygen into surfaces of fourteen kinds of specimens during titanium implantation by means of AES sputter depth profiling. The specimens used were Fe, Al, Cu, Si, Cr, Ta, Co, Ni’, Mo, Ti, Au, Pt, Pd and Fe-4.5at%C, which were implanted with titanium to a fluence of 2×1017 ions/cm2 in a vacuum of ∼2×10−4 Pa at room temperature. The fourteen kinds of specimens implanted with titanium were classified into three groups according to the amounts of incorporated carbon and oxygen from a vacuum to the surfaces. The first group corresponds to Fe, Ni, Co, Al and Fe-4.5at%C, in which surfaces a large amount of carbon is incorporated. The second group corresponds to Al, Ti and Ta, in which surfaces a large amount of oxygen is incorporated. The third group corresponds to Cu, Si, Cr, Mo, Au, Pt and Pd, in which surfaces carbon and oxygen are little incorporated. In the cases of Cu, Au, Pt and Pd, little incorporations of carbon and oxygen are caused by the high sputtering yield and the less adsorptive power of the specimens.

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