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Pulsed Laser Mixing of Ni-Au Surface Films on Nickel Substrates


The melt phase alloying of Ni-Au films on Ni substrates has been studied for rapid quenches following 35 nano-second Q switched ruby laser pulses (0.69µ wavelength) in the energy regime of 0.5 to 3.0 j/cm2. The Ni and Au films were each 200 Å in thickness having been deposited on a polished Ni substrate by standard hot ribbon vapor deposition methods. Data was obtained on pre and post alloyed surface layers using Rutherford backscattering, transmission electron microscopy, and STEM energy dispersive X-ray analysis. The melting and resolidification dynamics of the liquid-solid interface was monitored through finite difference integration of the non-linear heat conduction equation to give temperature profiles, depth of melting and melt front velocities associated with the liquid-solid phase change. Resolidification velocities were typically 15 meters/second with melt depths extending to a few thousand angstroms depending on pulse energy. RBS data confirms that liquid phase diffusion of gold in nickel has occured. TEM analysis reveals the presence of a two phase mixture being composed of nickel rich and gold rich material. Microbeam energy dispersive X-ray analysis indicates the presence of a relatively uniform mixing of these two Phases. Pronounced one dimensional solute segregation was not observed in these specimens, however, overall penetration depths of the gold was somewhat larger for the lower energy densities than for the larger ones. Also, unusual circular cell patterns were observed in the resolidified material, their contrast being enhanced by preferential etching during the TEM specimen polishing procedure.

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