Pulsed Laser Annealing of Aluminum


Pulsed ruby laser irradiation of unimplanted single crystal and implanted polycrystalline Al has been studied with ion beam analysis and TEM. The results show that Al is melted to a depth of ∼ 0.9 µm with a 4.2 J/cm2, 15 nsec pulse, and that vacancies are quenched into Al during resolidification. Diffusion of Zn in liquid Al is observed, and a melt time of ∼ 65 nsec is estimated for a 3.8 J/cm2, 30 nsec pulse. The observations are in reasonable agreement with calculations of sample temperature and melt times. We observe no precipitation of AlSb in liquid Al for Sbimplanted Al, and conclude that the nucleation time satisfies 50 nsec ≲ tnuc ≲ 200 nsec. We find no evidence for amorphous Al after irradiation of single crystal Al with energies ≳ 1.5 J/cm2.

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