Dislocation Nucleation, Growth and Suppression During CW Laser Annealing of Silicon


Optical, X-ray and transmission electron microscopy plus preferential chemical etching have been used to examine the dislocations and lattice strain introduced during cw laser annealing of silicon. In addition to a substrate scanning mode we operate our cw Ar-ion laser in a “pulse” mode by using an electronically activated shutter located within the laser cavity. This permits accurate measurements to be made on isolated spots or large area scans with a dislocation density that can be deliberately varied. In particular we discuss surface slip traces, their component dislocations and resulting lattice strains, as well as submicron extrinsic dislocation loops which result from the condensation of ion-implantation produced interstitial silicon. Recommendations are presented for producing defect and strain-free material, as well as samples with specific densities of dislocations.

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