Electron Tomography of SPM Probes, Nanoparticles and Precipitates


Nanoscale tomographic reconstructions from objects with diameters of 100nm or smaller can only be achieved non-destructively with transmission electron tomography. The application of this technique to W tips, which are common probes for scanning tunneling microscopy and nanoindentation, is demonstrated with emphasis on visualizing oxide layers and functionally attached nanoparticles. For the reconstruction of facetted free-standing catalyst nanoparticles, such as CeO2 octahedra, we propose a combination of energy-filtered (EF) and bright field (BF) TEM tomography to achieve high fidelity of the projection relationship via EFTEM, due to its incoherent imaging mode, and high resolution definition of the particle circumference from the BF tomogram. Finally, electron tomography applications to CeO2 nanoprecipitates embedded in a multicomponent oxide glass matrix are shown, which comprises the first tomographic 3D reconstruction of a nanoscale dendrite.

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