ADF-STEM Imaging of Strained GaN0.045As0.955 Epitaxial Layers on (100) GaAs Substrates


The annular dark field (ADF) image contrast of a 0.92% tensile strained GaN0.045As0.955 layer on GaAs substrate was studied with a scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) as a function of ADF detector inner semi-angles ranging from 28 mrad to 90 mrad. The GaN0.045As0.955 layers were brighter than the surrounding GaAs for the ADF detector semi-angle up to 65 mrad, and the measured contrast decreased with increasing ADF detector inner semi-angle. For a 37 nm thick specimen, the GaN0.045As0.955 intensity is about 13% higher than that of GaAs for the 28 mrad ADF detector inner semi-angle. Multislice simulations show that the displacement around substitutional N atoms plays an important role in the observed ADF-STEM contrast, while the contribution to the contrast due to misfit strain between GaN0.045As0.955 and GaAs is small.

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