Structural, Magnetic and Electrochemical Properties of the Spinel LiMn2-yCoyO4 Nanosized Powders


We present the synthesis, structure, magnetic properties and electrode behaviour of LiMn2-yCoyO4 (0≤y≤0) spinel oxides prepared by the wet-chemitry via the carboxylic acid route. LiMn2-yCoyO4 samples crystallise with the cubic spinel-like structure (Fd3m S.G.). Optical spectra indicate that the vibrational mode frequencies and relative intensities of the bands are sensitive to the covalency of the (Co,Mn)-O bonds. Magnetic susceptibility and electron spin resonance measurements show the compositional dependence of the magnetic parameters, i.e. Curie temperature, Curie-Weiss constant and Néel temperature, when Mn is substituted by Co. The overall electrochemical capacity of LiMn2-yCoyO4 oxides have been reduced due to the 3d6 metal substitution, however, a more stable charge-discharge cycling performances have been observed when electrodes are charged up to 4.3 V as compared to the performance of the native oxide.

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