Current Status of LSI Micro-fabrication and Future Prospect for 3D System Integration


Micro-fabrication technology for LSI devices has been progressing technically over time. However, the scenario of continuing to produce ever-finer feature geometries has a low probability. Resolution capabilities will reach a critical limit due to conventional CMOS performance threshold and chip economy. Therefore, to assure continued performance improvements for future devices, front-end fabricators should consider a new 3 dimensional structure (3D-LSI) using a “Through-Si-Via” process. At the same time, the definition of the semiconductor device should be updated to “System & Design Integration (S&DI).” S&DI will provide the needed feedback to launch a new field of clear applications, based on a total system solution with innovative design, fabrication, inspection and evaluation equipment. 3D-LSI and S&DI will have a tremendous impact on the future electronics industries.

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