Nanotubes in Low Temperature Spray Deposited Nanocrystalline HgSe: I thin films


HgSe nanotubes have been prepared by spray deposition of solvothermally synthesized HgSe: Iodine nanoparticles on glass substrates at low temperature (200°C). Spray deposition was done without voltage and with an externally applied voltage (700V) to the nozzle and it is found from TEM studies that the average length of the nanotubes increases in case of the films deposited with applied voltage compared to that of without voltage. But there is no change in the average diameter (~ 35 nm). The nanotubes are found to have cubic crystal structure. Iodine is found to act as a catalyst and helps in the growth of nanotubes. The growth mechanism of the nanotubes is analogous to the well known solution-liquid-solid/vapor-liquid-solid (SLS/VLS) mechanism. The EDAX analysis of the tip of the nanotube reveals the presence of Hg, Se and Iodine in the ratio of 73:2:24 for the spot size of <1µm.

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