P Channel Mosfet Devices in Nanocrystalline Silicon


We report on the growth and properties of p-channel nanocrystalline Si thin film transistor (TFT) devices. In contrast to previous work, the devices are fabricated in n-body nanocrystalline Si. The doping of the n-body is systematically changed by doping with ppm levels of phosphorous. The threshold voltage was found to change systematically as phosphorus content increased. The TFT devices are of the bottom-gate type, grown on oxidized Si wafers. Source and drain contacts were provided by using either plasma grown p type nanocrystalline layers, or by the simple process of Al diffusion. A top layer of plasma-deposited silicon dioxide was found to decrease the off current significantly. High on-off current ratios exceeding 106 were obtained. Hole mobilities in the devices were consistently good, with the best mobility being in the range of ~1.3 cm2/V-s.

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