Fabrication of Crystallized Si Film Deposited on a Polycrystalline YSZ Film/Glass Substrate at 500°C


We used a polycrystalline YSZ (yttria-stabilized zirconia : (ZrO2)1-x(Y2O3)x) film deposited on the quartz substrate as a seed layer to enhance crystallization of the Si film deposited on it. The YSZ film was deposited by reactive sputtering at less than 50°C and the preferential orientation was (111). The 60-nm-thick Si film was deposited by e-beam evaporation method on the substrate with and without the YSZ film. It was found that at the temperature of 515°C the YSZ seed layer can promote Si crystallization. The SEM image of the Secco-etched Si film showed that the crystallized Si film consisted of ~50-nm-size grains and, from the TEM image, it is supposed that the Si grains are grown directly from the YSZ film.


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