Effect of Light Illumination on Threshold Voltage and Sub-threshold Slope of Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Transistors


In this study the light induced defect state creation under 1 sun illumination is investigated through changes in sub-threshold slope, ∆, and threshold voltage, VT, in a-Si:H TFT structures. Threshold voltage changes can be due to either charge trapping or defect state creation near the interface of gate insulator and a-Si:H active layer. The charge trapping effects have been minimized by incorporating high quality thermal silicon dioxide in the a-Si:H TFT, and the changes in threshold voltage can be attributed to induced defect states in the a-Si:H. Since the sub-threshold current is closely related to the band gap defect states, both VT and ∆ can be used as a new probe to study the light induced defect creation in the a-Si:H. The information obtained about the nature of gap defect states from the analysis of changes in VT and ∆ under light illumination is presented. The results obtained show that under 1 sun illumination there are very fast increases (within 10 seconds) in VT with subsequent slow increases and no observable changes in ∆, similar to those observed in the light induced photoconductivity changes in a-Si:H thin films. Results are also presented on changes in VT under gate-bias stress. Comparisons are then made between the results obtained under 1 sun light illumination and those under gate-bias stress. The information obtained in this study about the nature of the gap defect states derived from characterization of the sub-threshold regimes is discussed.

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