Periodic Alignment of Silicon Dot Fabricated by Linearly Polarized Nd:YAG Pulse Laser


Periodically aligned submicron Si dots were fabricated by only irradiating linearly polarized Nd:YAG pulse laser to the amorphous silicon (a-Si) thin film deposited on silicon dioxide (SiO2) film. Interference between the incident beam and the scattered surface wave leads to the spatial periodicity of beam energy density distribution on the surface of the irradiated samples. The a-Si thin film was melted by laser beam, and then, the molten thin Si film was split and condensed due to its surface tensile according to the periodic energy density distribution. The polycrystalline Si (poly-Si) fine lines were formed periodically. After the first irradiation, the sample was rotated by 90°, and the laser beam was irradiated. The periodic energy density distribution was generated on the Si fine lines. Then, the lines were split off and condensed according to the periodic energy density distribution, and the periodically aligned submicron Si dots were fabricated on the SiO2 film.

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