Low Temperature Fabrication of Microcrystalline Silicon Germanium Films by RF Reactive Magnetron Sputtering


Microcrystalline silicon-germanium films (µ c-SiGe) were fabricated on Corning #7059 glass substrates by the RF reactive magnetron sputtering method. The µc-SiGe films with Ge fraction of 0.70.8 could be crystallized at 200 °C by H2 introduction into the sputtering gases. The absorption coefficients of the films decrease in long wavelength region corresponding to the photon energies below the energy gap and become close to those of single crystal Si0.25Ge0.75 by the decrease in the substrate temperature. The dark conductivities show lower values of 10-7 S/cm at 200 °C and 300 °C with H2 introduction. Besides, the photosensitivity is observed in these samples. These results indicate that the H2 introduction into the sputtering gases has two important effects to decrease the crystallization temperature of the µc-SiGe films and to improve the film properties by reducing the dangling bond defects.

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