The Influence of the Hot Wire Temperature on the Crystallization of μc-Si:H Films Prepared by Hot Wire-Assisted-ECR-CVD


We have constructed a hot-wire-assisted ECR-CVD system to prepare a-Si:H and µc-Si:H films. The effect of hot wire (HW) temperature on crystallization of a-Si:H films is studied in the films prepared by this system. At low HW temperature, about 20 at.% hydrogen is included in the film. With increasing the HW temperature, the contents of the total hydrogen, SiH2 and SiH decrease, and the microcrystalline phase appears. It is found from the area of the TO peak of the Raman scattering spectra that the volume fraction of the crystalline phase increases with increasing the HW temperature. The crystalline peak has a tendency to shift toward the higher wavenumber with increasing the HW temperature, suggesting that the grain size increases with increasing the HW temperature.

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