Molybdenum doped Indium Oxide thin films prepared by rf sputtering


Molybdenum doped indium oxide (IMO) thin films rf sputtered at room temperature were studied as a function of oxygen volume percentage (O2 vol. %) varied between 0 and 17.5. The as-deposited films were amorphous irrespective of O2 vol. %. The minimum transmittance (<10 %) of the films deposited without oxygen has been increased on introducing oxygen (3.5 O2 vol. %) to a maximum of 90 %. The optical band gap has been increased from 3.80 eV (without oxygen) to 3.92 eV (3.5 O2 vol. %). The films were highly resistive and the hall coefficients were detectable only for the films deposited without oxygen. In order to increase the electrical conductivity, the films were annealed in the range 100–500° C in open-air and N2/H2 gas for 1 hour. The annealed films become polycrystalline with enhanced electrical and optical properties. The effect of annealing conditions on these films will be presented and discussed in detail.

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