Mechanical Behavior of Multi-Principal-Element Fe0.71Cr1.48Al0.38Ni1.42Co Alloy

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The conventional concept of alloy design is based on the principal metallic element (>40 at.%); therefore, it is novel and challenging for a new alloy design to synthesize several (5~7) principal elements (each <35 at.%), i.e. equal or near-equal molar ratio. With the design concept of multi-principal-element alloy, this paper will present the mechanical behaviors and workability of this alloy, Fe0.71Cr1.48Al0.38Ni1.42Co in molar ratio. The alloy possessed the simple FCC crystal structure even though these elements come from three categories of crystalline structures, FCC, BCC and HCP. The hardness can also reach 367(Hv) after precipitated treatment at 700°C for 24 Hr.. Meanwhile, the ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of Fe0.71Cr1.48Al0.38Ni1.42Co can be elevated to 1112 MPa as almost triple as the original sample, and the elongation rate can be kept at 20%.

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