On-line data management for high-throughput experimentation


We discuss visualization and data dependency issues related to managing sample characterization data from high-throughput experiments. We are developing software for on-line storage, sharing, and visualization of data from combinatorial or high-throughput experiments. The system is based on a centralized database and a Web interface that can be accessed from any networked computer. The greatest challenge facing us is the variety of data types and formats that such a system has to support so that data from many different sources, i.e. from synthesis and characterization instruments, could be combined. In order to minimize the software development effort, we have developed generalized extensible markup language (XML) schema for storing and processing experimental data. The use of a standard data format like XML, together with the relevant schema definitions can be used to implement storage, processing, visualization and other tools that are generic and thus greatly simplify the task of managing high-throughput experiments.

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