Photoluminescence in wurtzite GaN containing carbon


We studied photoluminescence (PL) from a set of GaN layers grown on sapphire substrates by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition with the concentration of carbon varied by the growth conditions. One of the remarkable features in these samples is the extremely low intensity of the shallow donor-acceptor pair band. Analysis of the PL data gives the shallow acceptor concentration of less than 1014 cm−3 in most of the C-doped GaN layers. This result shows that C does not form a shallow acceptor, CN, in appreciable concentrations in wurtzite GaN. As for the YL band, there is no clear correlation between its intensity and the degree of C-doping. The question of identification of the deep acceptor responsible for the YL band in undoped and C-doped GaN still remains to be solved.

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The authors thank Dr. D. C. Look from Wright State University and Dr. S. Guo and Dr. D. Gotthold from EMCORE Corporation for providing GaN samples within the Wood-Witt initiative.

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