Applications of Smart Materials in the Development of High Performance Biosensors


High performance biosensors are urgently needed from medical diagnosis, to food safety/security, to the war on bio-terrorist. The smart materials play an important role in the development of high performance sensor platform. Biosensors based on microcantilevers have very high sensitivity. The microcantilevers made of different materials, such silicon, piezoelectric and magnetostrictive materials, are discussed and compared in this paper. The magnetostrictive-based microcantilevers exhibit the best performance among all microcantilevers. A new sensor platform – magnetostrictive particles (MSPs) – is reported. The advantages of MSPs over microcantilevers are experimentally demonstrated. The MSPs are wireless/remote sensors, which makes it is possible to employ the MSP-based biosensors in different environments/media. The fabrication of MSPs in micro to nano-scale is reported. Compared with the microcantilevers, MSPs exhibit a better mass sensitivity and a higher Q value, which make the MSPs a much higher overall sensitivity.

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