Substitutions in the Homologous Family CsPbmBi3Te5+m and Preliminary Thermoelectric Results


We report analogs of the homologous family CsPbmBi3Te5+m, namely Cs0.74K0.76Bi3.5Te6, CsNa0.98Bi4.01Te7, Cs0.69Ca0.65Bi3.34Te6, Rb0.82Pb0.82Bi3.18Te6, Rb0.19K1.31Bi3.50Te6, RbSnBi3Te6, Rb0.94Ca0.94Bi3.06Te6 and RbYbBi3Te6. They all crystallize in the orthorhombic space group Cmcm and are isostructural to CsPbBi3Te6 the first member of the family except for CsNa0.98Bi4.01Te7 which is isostructural to CsPb2Bi3Te7, the second member of the family. Preliminary thermoelectric measurements on Cs0.76K0.74Bi3.5Te6 show electrical conductivity values in the range of 600-1000 S/cm. The thermopower shows n-type charge transport with room temperature values of ∼ -35 µV/K. By comparison, the electrical conductivity at room temperature of Rb0.82Pb0.82Bi3.18Te6 was ∼1400S/cm, while the thermopower was ∼ -20 µV/K.

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