Crosslinked Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Proton Exchange Polymeric Membranes


A general, efficient and experimentally simple method for the synthesis of covalently crosslinked class II hybrid polymers based on PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK) with a high degree of sulfonation (DS = 0.8) was performed. The synthetic strategy foreseen two steps: the first one, direct sulfonation, led to the introduction of sulfonic acid groups and to the formation of sulfone bridges among repeat units. The second step, lithiation and silylation, led to the formation of covalent bonds between the organic backbone and Si(OH)3 moieties. The materials were characterized by 1H NMR Spectroscopy, ATR/FTIR Spectroscopy, Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Mass Spectrometry. Preliminary proton conduction measurements in dry conditions were performed. The introduction of silicon groups in the system improved thermal stability.

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