Li2SrSiO4:Eu2+ phosphor prepared by the Pechini method and its application in white light emitting diode


Eu2+-doped Li2SrSiO4 phosphors were prepared by two different synthesis processes, the Pechini sol-gel route and solid-state reaction (SSR) method. Their morphology, crystal structure, and luminescence properties have been characterized. Li2SrSiO4:Eu2+ phosphors show broad and intensive excitation in the range of 390–480 nm and emit yellow-orange light extending from 500 to 700 nm. The luminescence efficiency of Li2SrSiO4: Eu2+ phosphors synthesized through the Pechini route is much better than that of phosphors prepared by solid-state reaction method. The application of phosphors from the Pechini route in white light emitting diodes (LEDs) has been investigated. The Commission Internationale de L’Eclairage (CIE) chromaticity coordinates and the correlated color temperature of these white LEDs have been calculated; they are comparable to corresponding values of commercial Y3Al5O12:Ce3+ converted white LEDs.

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We thank Prof. Xiaomei Feng and Mr. Sidong Lei for valuable discussion on the experimental data. We also thank Mr. Shenqiang Li from the Quantai Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd., Nanjing, China, for his help with LED packaging.

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