The alternative route of low-temperature preparation of highly oriented lead zirconate titanate thin films by high gas-pressure processing


The Pb(ZrxTi1–x)O3(PZT) films sputter deposited on LaNiO3(LNO)/Si(100) substrates were recrystallized to highly (l00)-oriented perovskite structure by high oxygen-pressure processing (HOPP) and high argon-pressure processing (HAPP), which were performed at a relatively low temperature 400 °C compared to the normally required temperature condition above 600 °C. Ferroelectricity of PZT films was investigated by a measurement of P-E hysteresis loop. The P-E hysteresis loops of the PZT(52/48) and PZT(30/70) films after HOPP showed better squareness and larger remnant polarization than those of as-sputtered ones prepared at a high temperature of 600 °C. Although the PZT films with HAPP also showed a high (l00)-oriented perovskite structure and obvious ferroelectricity, their P-E loops suggested relatively poor ferroelectricity compared to those of the PZT films with HOPP. This means that a further optimization for HAPP is needed to improve ferroelectricity of PZT films.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 60221502 and 60371040), The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the People’s Republic of China (Grant No. 2007CB924900), Shanghai R&D Foundation for Applied Materials (Grant No. 0316), and the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality Nos. 03JC14076 and 07JC14018. We also wish to thank Prof. N. Dai, Prof. G.S. Wang, Dr. X.H. Zhou, and Dr. L.Z. Sun for helpful discussions, Dr. Y.W. Li and Dr. F.W. Shi for their assistance in data processing, and Dr. T.X. Li for the AFM observation. X.D. Zhang and J. Dho acknowledge the support from BK21 project and Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) (R01-2006-000-10369-0) in Korea.

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