Fabrication and characterization of metal-ferroelectric-insulator-Si diodes and transistors with different HfSiON buffer layer thickness


Metal-ferroelectric-insulator-Si (MFIS) structures using HfSiON as buffer layers were fabricated, and the impact of buffer layer thickness on the electrical properties of the MFIS devices was investigated. HfSiON films with thickness ranging from 1 to 4 nm were deposited by electron beam evaporation, which exhibited much reduced leakage current when compared to that of SiO2 with the same equivalent oxide thickness. From the viewpoint of polarization and charge injection, the flatband voltage and memory window width dependent on the sweeping voltages were discussed for the MFIS diodes with 1-, 2-, and 4-nm-thick HfSiON buffer layers. Small leakage current as well as excellent long-term data retention characteristics were found for all of these samples. It was also found that MFIS diodes with 2-nm-thick HfSiON buffer layer have the largest memory window width. Ferroelectric-gate transistors fabricated with a Pt/SBT(300nm)/HfSiON (2 nm)/Si gate structure showed a memory window of 0.8 V and a high drain current on/off ratio of 108 for the gate voltage sweep between +4 and −4 V. All of these excellent electrical properties proved that HfSiON acts as an excellent barrier for suppressing both leakage current and atomic interdiffusion.

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This work was performed under the auspices of the Special Coordination Funds for Promotion Science and Technology supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

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