Long-term irradiation effects on gamma-irradiated Nylon 6,12 fibers


Long-term effects on Nylon 6,12 crystalline fibers irradiated six years ago have been determined, including chemical structure and morphology, and their relationship with storage time. Results from x-ray diffraction, small-angle x-ray scattering, scanning electron microscopy, and atomic force microscopy are reported for those fibers and for freshly irradiated ones. Some results for non-irradiated samples are included for comparison. Changes in the shape and size of the crystals (crystallinity degree) are found; the crystallite size increases with storage time. Both surface and bulk changes are seen in the morphology. Surface damage increases with storage time. Changes observed can be attributed to irradiation causing chain scission, which, in turn, causes crystal reorganization. The present results reinforce interpretation of earlier results obtained for concretes reinforced with irradiated Nylon fibers.

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