Improvement of oxidation-resistance of NiCrAlY coatings by application of CrN or CrON interlayer


NiCrAlY coatings with and without CrN or CrON interlayer as diffusion barrier were deposited on superalloy DSM11 by arc ion plating (AIP). The oxidation performance of the coating systems was evaluated by isothermal oxidation tests at 1100 °C for 100 h. The element interdiffusion and oxidation behavior of the coating systems were described. It was found that the NiCrAlY coatings provided protective effect for the DSM11 substrate. However, serious interdiffusion between the coatings and substrate resulted in rapid degradation of the coatings. The addition of CrN or CrON interlayer between the coatings and substrate markedly decreased the interdiffusion. CrON interlayer performed better than CrN interlayer, which was attributed to the excellent diffusion barrier ability of Al2O3 layer formed in the interlayer at high temperature. Also, the NiCrAlY/CrON coating system exhibited more effective protection for DSM11 than the NiCrAlY/CrN coating system.

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This work was supported by Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant No. 50571101.

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