In situ synchrotron radiation monitoring of phase transitions during microwave heating of Al–Cu–Fe alloys


The effect of rapid microwave heating has so far been evaluated mainly by comparing the state of materials before and after microwave exposure. Yet, further progress critically depends on the ability to follow the evolution of materials during ultrafast heating in real time. We describe the first in situ time-resolved monitoring of solid-state phase transitions during microwave heating of metallic powders using wide-angle synchrotron radiation diffraction. Single-phase Al–Cu–Fe quasicrystal powders were obtained by microwave heating of nanocrystalline alloy precursors at 650 °C in <20 s.

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Radu Nicula gratefully acknowledges Prof. Dr. Eberhard Burkel and Dr. Manuela Stir (Rostock University, Germany) for continuous support.

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