Synthesis, characterization, and base-catalytic performance of ordered mesoporous aluminophosphate oxynitride materials


The synthesis, physicochemical characterization, and catalytic evaluation of ordered mesoporous aluminophosphate oxynitride (MAPN) materials are presented here. The solid-base materials were prepared through treating aluminophosphate with an ordered mesostructure with ammonia at high temperatures. The MAPNs are well ordered, and possess high surface and pore volume. The amount of nitrogen incorporated increased with prolonged nitridation times. At the same time, the intensity of basicity is consistent with the nitrogen content, which is affirmed by Knoevenagel condensation reaction. The obtained ordered MAPN materials also possess acidity. The easy preparation and control of the nitrogen content of ordered MAPN materials, providing acidity and basicity, make them attractive as alternatives to a solid-base or acid-base catalyst, especially for the interactions of large molecules.

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We would like to thank the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 50372080) for financial support. We also would like to thank Mr. Manjiang Dong for N2 sorption measurements.

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