Effect of processing conditions on the piezoelectric properties of sol-gel derived Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 films for micromechanical applications


Lead zirconate titanate (PZT) films of composition close to the morphotropic phase boundary were deposited onto standard Si/SiO2/Ti/Pt substrates using a modified sol-gel process. The preparation conditions were optimized to obtain high-quality films at sufficiently low temperature (Ta = 500 °C). The dielectric, ferroelectric, and piezoelectric properties of the films were then measured as a function of the annealing temperature and the number of distillations to evaluate their suitability for micromechanical applications. The maximum values of the longitudinal charge and voltage piezoelectric coefficients were d33 ∼ 65 pm/V and g33 ∼ 4 × 10−3 Vm/N, respectively. The results indicate that the piezoelectric properties improved and became saturated with increasing number of distillations and are almost independent on Ta. Only moderate decrease of the piezoelectric response with frequency suggests that the investigated PZT films can be used in high-frequency piezoelectric applications. The results are discussed in terms of the microstructure and interface effects on the piezoelectric deformation in ferroelectric thin films.

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