Electrical and microstructural characteristics of ZnO–Bi2O3-based varistors doped with rare-earth oxides


ZnO-based varistor samples with a relatively high Sb2O3 to Bi2O3 ratio of 5 were fired at 1200 °C and found to have a high threshold voltage (VT) of 280 V/mm and a low energy-absorption capacity of 50 J/cm3. The introduction of rare-earth oxides (REO) increased the energy-absorption capacity of Pr6O11- and Nd2O3-doped samples to 110 J/cm3 while their threshold voltage (VT) remained slightly above 300 V/mm. Doping with Pr6O11 and Nd2O3 altered the formation of the spinel phase and significantly changed its particle size and distribution which, as a result, had a positive effect on the energy-absorption capacity of the REO-doped samples. Doping with small amounts of Pr6O11 and Nd2O3 appears to be promising for the preparation of ZnO-based varistors with a high breakdown voltage and a high energy absorption capacity.

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