Chemical Attachment of Organic Functional Groups to Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Material


We have subjected single-walled carbon nanotube materials (SWNTM’s) to a variety of organic functionalization reactions. These reactions include radioactive photolabeling studies using diradical and nitrene sources, and treatment with dichlorocarbene and Birch reduction conditions. All of the reactions provide evidence for chemical attachment to the SWNTM’s, but because of the impure nature of the staring materials, we are unable to ascertain the site of reaction. In the case of dichlorocarbene we are able to show the presence of chlorine in the SWNT bundles, but as a result of the large amount of amorphous carbon that is attached to the tube walls, we cannot distinguish between attachment of dichlorocarbene to the walls of the SWNT’s and reaction with the amorphous carbon.

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